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How to Strengthen Weak Ankles

In this week’s video, I answer a question from a Youtube viewer on how to strengthen weak ankles or recover from a sprained ankle. In the video, I explain and demonstrate a routine of exercises that you can perform at home or at the gym to get back on the field with more confidence.

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Improve Your Speed and Running Technique

This week, I’ve assembled a running-specific workout program for you to complete on your own. The program is a free PDF-download that includes warm up, core strength, running drills and leg strength exercises that require minimal space and equipment.

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Free Downloadable Softball Conditioning Program

This week I’ve put together a softball conditioning program that any athlete (or parent) can follow on their own. You can use any piece of cardio equipment that you have access to or you could even perform these workouts at a track.

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Core Exercises for Pitching Posture

In this week’s video, I introduce three core exercises that I really, really like. Not only will you feel this exercise in your core muscles immediately, you won’t be forced to twist and bend putting additional stress on your low back. The exercise not only challenges the core, but balance as well, which is important …

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Softball Fitness: The Importance of Aerobic Work for Strength and Power

For this week’s contribution, I’m sharing an article that covers the science behind the importance of aerobic training and development for strength and power athletes. This article is technical and I understand it doesn’t satiate the reader’s who are looking for exercises or “workouts”. I’m sharing this for the fitness and strength and conditioning professionals who are in charge of creating and implementing training programs.

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College Softball Summer Strength Training – Phase 3

This week, I’m delivering the final phase of our College Softball Summer Training program. In this post you will be able to download each of this program’s 3-phases to complete or take with you to school. In Phase 3, I’ve decreased the reps to focus on building strength, added a conditioning challenge at the end of each week and prescribed a de-load week to give you a break before the start of the fall.

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Fastpitch150: The Best Leg Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If you’ve been busy all summer and have not had a chance to workout in preparation for your fall sport or season, you still have time left to get in shape. In this week’s video I demonstrate what I call the Fastpitch150, a “simple but savage” leg workout designed to improve leg stamina and overall conditioning. If you are worrying about “all the running” your college coach will enforcing this fall, or need to get in shape for another sport like soccer or field hockey, this workout is for you.

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“Front Side” Strength Training for Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video covering strength training for softball pitchers, I show you what exercises to add if you are struggling with creating or maintaining a strong front side during your delivery.

College Softball Summer Training Program – Phase 2

This week, I’m delivering Phase 2 of our College Softball Summer Training program. This is a FREE downloadable program with exercise video demonstrations and instruction. This program is designed to prepare incoming college freshmen for their collegiate weight room experience. In Phase 2, I’ve increased the challenge, added new exercises and added alternative exercises to accommodate for athletes of different levels or who has limited access to equipment.

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Do You Arch Your Back When You Pitch: Exercise Corrections

In this week’s video, I follow up Carly’s post on what causes you to arch your back too much during the pitching delivery. In the video, I explain and demonstrate the physical inefficiencies that prevent you from achieving and maintaining optimal positions throughout the sequence.

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