Virtual Pitching Lessons!

Hello everyone! Coach Jill here with something exciting!

Do you have a pitcher who you think would benefit from our teaching style? Have you been following Fastpitch Power for a while and love what we teach but live in an area where there are no instructors? Have you been working with your pitcher(s) on our pitching style but feel they would benefit from a lesson with us? Well I’ve got some great news for you then.

I am now offering virtual pitching lessons! I have given several of these before, and while in person lessons are always preferred, virtual lessons seem to work very well for those who don’t live near us! I can give virtual lessons in a couple of different ways:


Skype (Preferred)

For this method, I would ask that you send me 3 GOOD QUALITY videos – your pitcher viewed from the side (so you can see her face), front, and back. Each video should be several pitches in a row (maybe about a minute to a minute and a half of pitching in each position).

Once I receive the videos, I will watch them and analyze them. Then I will contact you and set up a video session over Skype where you can talk to me in person. I will discuss the good and bad points of the mechanics with you and your pitcher, and I will demonstrate what the mechanics should look like. I will also recommend and demonstrate drills that can help your pitcher fix any mechanical flaws. If you have access to a field or mound, you are also welcome to have your pitcher throw some live pitches during our session.



If you aren’t sure how to use Skype (or don’t want to) I can also analyze your videos via email. You will still send me 3  videos, as mentioned above. I will watch the videos, and take snapshots of potential problems. I will then combine the snapshot with a photo of what the mechanics SHOULD look like, and send them to you in an email with an explanation of the problem, and what it can cause. I will also recommend drills and can attach video links from the Fastpitch Power website explaining how to do those drills.


Payment is also super easy, as I will simply send an invoice through Paypal.


If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact me at jill@fastpitchpower.com with any other questions you may have and to discuss pricing.


Looking forward to working with you!



About the author


Jillian Stephens is a former top ranked east coast NCAA pitching recruit. She graduated from New Rochelle High School and Villanova University. She played gold level softball with several teams including the Virginia Shamrocks and the Morris County Belles prior to college, and continued to play Division 1 softball at Villanova. She was a student in physical therapy at Harcum College in Pennsylvania, and is familiar with injuries, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. She also instructs in Phil Schonberg's pitching clinics and gives many private lessons in the Philadelphia area.

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