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10 Upper Body Exercises for Softball Players

This week I’ve put together a catalog of ten upper body exercises from our YouTube page. From my experience, upper body strength training is too often overlooked or avoided in fear of injury or “getting to stiff and bulky”. The reality is strength training is critical to improve the physical integrity and durability of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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Coordinating Upper and Lower Body Power

In today’s video I answer reader Alissa’s question about coordinating the arm circle and leg drive to get the most speed out of the pitching motion.

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Upper Body Strength Training: Exercises, Sets, and Reps

I received an email recently from a coach asking me to clarify my recommendations for upper body strength training for softball players. Specifically, he wanted to know how many sets and repetitions of exercises like push ups, pull ups, and rows his athletes should be completing. I think week’s article, I give you my response.

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