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Reader question: position relative to the power line

Two readers had questions pertaining to my landing position in my last video. Watch for clarification!

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Alignment at Landing

This weeks video comes from sunny Arizona!

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Do you arch your back when you pitch?

If you find yourself hitting your hip or the front of your body with your arm when you pitch, frequently pitch inside without meaning to, or are experiencing some back pain, listen up!

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Quick Tip: Making Sure Your Arm is on the Power Line

Since the forearm fire release and power line concept are two of the very first things you learn as a student of Fastpitch Power’s method or similar methods, it’s natural for a lot of pitchers to forget to focus on the power line as they advance in their training. Here are some simple reminders about the power line concept. Even if you don’t think this will apply to you, please read, especially if you tend to miss inside and/or outside!

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Should the Stride Foot Land on the Power Line?

Windmill pitcher and catcher with power line

The question of landing on the power line has come up a couple of times now among Fastpitch Power readers, so I want to share my response with all of you. Many people assume that to throw a strike as a windmill pitcher, you want to land on the power line—sounds right, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not ​quite​ right. Today we’ll discuss more specifically where you SHOULD be landing.

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Is Your Pre-motion Hurting Your Pitch? Part 3

A good backswing

We’re continuing our series on the pre-motion portion of the windmill pitch and the most common pre-motion issues that end up affecting the pitch negatively. Today’s topic might be a bit controversial: it’s the backswing. I’ll be honest; if it were up to us, we’d eliminate windmill pitchers’ backswings altogether. We believe they do more harm than good, and we’ll explain why in this post. That said, if you must have a backswing to pitch comfortably, you should definitely be aware of the problems that certain backswings can cause and how to keep them under control.

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Is Your Pre-motion Hurting Your Pitch? Part 2

Foot collapsing during windmill pitch

Welcome back to my series on the pre-motion part of the windmill pitch! I’m explaining the most common problematic pre-motion issues I’ve seen among windmill pitchers, and how those issues can set the stage for a sub-optimal pitch before the bulk of the pitching motion has even begun. In my last post, I discussed the load and the problems that can arise if you’re doing a reverse load. In this post, we’ll be talking in depth about a tiny little 3-6 inch movement in your load foot that has the power to destroy one of the most important aspects of the pitch: the drive through. Unfortunately, this is an extremely common problem. Does it affect you?

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Video: How to Establish your Throw Zone

In this video blog, Coach Phil will tell you what the throw zone, or runway is in windmill pitching, how to establish it, and why it’s so important to your delivery. Watch and learn!

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