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Front Side Resistance

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We’ve spent a lot of articles talking about the drive through, but the landing leg is really just as important.

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A Little More About Learning Movement Pitches

Last week I discussed what pitches are necessary for pitching in college, and the answer was to play to your strengths, develop the pitches that allow YOU to get batters out most effectively, and not worry so much that a particular pitch isn’t working for you. This, like all skills that take work and practice, is easier said than done. I’ve discussed some of the challenges facing young pitchers trying to learn movement pitches and I know it can be a frustrating process. As I said in the aforementioned articles, you may have to learn all the pitches before you can determine which one or two will be your strength. But how do you know when to abandon a pitch or when to keep going?

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Take a Lesson from the “Tortoise and the Hare” When Pitching

Like the story of the tortoise and the hare, sometimes slow is the way to go.
Pitchers can’t all throw at 70 mph. But if we pitch with intelligence, utilizing all of the tools in our shed, we can be just as effective.

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