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Should Your Daughter Stop Playing Softball?

How much softball is too much? Does your daughter play all year round along with other seasonal sports? This type of schedule might enhance skills temporarily but ultimately will lead to overuse either physically or mentally. I’m not going to convince too many parents that they should give their daughter some time off, but I can do my best to help athletes stay healthy and prevent injuries if they are playing all year round. Here are a few examples of at-home workouts that give you NO EXCUSE not to start an exercise program as soon as possible!

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Moving Up? How to Prepare

Fall ball is a popular time for many organizations to allow their second-year 10U and 12U players to get a taste of 12U and 14U, where they’ll be playing in the spring and summer. Even if you’re sticking with your age group this fall, the move up in the spring will be inevitable. Both age groups involve significant transitions for windmill pitchers: 10U pitchers moving to 12U will be moving back to 40 feet and throwing a larger ball. 12U pitchers moving to 14U will be transitioning to 43 feet. Today we’re going to talk about physical preparation and pitching drills that you can do to make the transition easier.

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How Catcher Framing Can Make or Break a Game

Matt Wieters crossed up on a pitch by Pedro Strop

A particular play in the Yankees-Orioles game on September 6th reminded me how a single strike call can make or break a game, and how important a catcher’s influence can be in getting calls. Want to learn how to use this to your advantage?

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Your Workouts Should NOT Be Too Softball Specific

Tools like these won't get the job done.

Are you looking for a softball specific workout? What exactly do you think makes a workout softball specific? In this post, Joe explains how some “sport specific” exercises are not the best choice for athletes and will actually lead to worse performance on the field.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a College

The end of August always sneaks up on us too quickly, doesn’t it? Some of you may have already started your school year, and the rest of you will probably be going back to school sometime within the next couple of weeks. If you’re a high school senior, you’ll be sending in your college applications, and if you’re a junior, you should start visiting colleges if you haven’t already. Choosing a college can be an overwhelming process, and if you want to play softball it can get even more complicated. For the vast majority of junior and senior softball players who will be walking onto a college team, or even younger players who may be recruited but have not yet committed to a school, here are some critical questions you should be asking.

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Natural Healthy Alternatives to Sports Drinks

Newsflash: sports drinks really aren’t very good for you. Many of them contain multiple different sources of sugar, including high fructose or other corn syrups. If you’ve got a zero-calorie sports drink, you’re likely contending with artificial sweeteners, and no matter which you choose you’ll likely be consuming artificial flavors, “natural” flavors (which aren’t as natural as you think), artificial colorings, and preservatives. If you’ve got a practice or a single softball game ahead of you, you really only need water to stay hydrated; however, if you’re facing a 90+ degree summer day under full blazing sun with three or more tournament games to play, something with extra carbohydrates and electrolytes can definitely be beneficial. So what should you drink? I’ll tell you!

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Ask a College Coach/Player!

This week I want to hear directly from you guys! If your goal is to play college softball, getting there can be a fun but overwhelming journey. Fastpitch Power wants to connect you readers to college coaches and players to get YOUR questions answered.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should be Evaluated by a Strength Training Professional

The technical aspects of the skills involved in fastpitch softball have been studied and developed for a very long time. Yet with all we know now about biomechanics and the development of athletes, I still don’t think there is a great enough emphasis on strength and conditioning, more importantly the RIGHT kind of strength and conditioning, among pre-college softball players. I hear a lot of questions along the lines of, “What can my daughter do to strengthen her throwing arm?” My short answer to that is NOTHING, specifically. A lot of people fall into the trap of trying to strengthen the individual parts of their bodies that they believe are most integral to whatever they’re trying to do. Really though, whenever you focus your workouts on only one or two areas of concern, particularly when those areas may already be overdeveloped from the natural imbalances that occur from playing a sport, you’re asking for trouble. To achieve your maximum potential as a softball player or as an athlete of any sport, it is absolutely critical to strengthen your entire body, including the parts that you may think you don’t really need to use. And to train effectively, it is ESSENTIAL to be evaluated by a strength and conditioning professional.

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Staying Focused in Front of College Coaches and Screaming Fans

Today we have another wonderful guest post from former East Coast #1 NCAA pitching recruit Jill Schonberg. Jill is going to share some important wisdom from her years of being a high level pitcher and give you some tips for how to pitch in high pressure situations. Enjoy!

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Guest Post: The One Trick That Can Make You a Better Pitcher RIGHT NOW!

Today we are very fortunate to have the first of several guest posts from someone with a tremendous amount of firsthand experience in windmill pitching and the game of softball in general. Jillian Schonberg went to Villanova University as the number one NCAA east coast pitching recruit in 2007, and now she’s a physical therapy graduate student at Harcum College. You’ll hear us talk a lot at Fastpitch Power about how we don’t like to teach “tricks,” but rather we insist on proper, healthy mechanics and hard work, even if it takes longer to get where you want to be. Nonetheless, there IS one thing you can have that can make just about any pitcher noticeably better without changing anything else: a fabulous catcher. A good catcher is invaluable to a pitcher, and a good pitcher-catcher relationship is integral to the success of a team. Jillian is going to share her wisdom on the subject.

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