Softball Fitness: The Importance of Aerobic Work for Strength and Power

For this week’s contribution, I’m sharing an article that covers the science behind the importance of aerobic training and development for strength and power athletes.

This article is technical and I understand it doesn’t satiate the readers who are looking for exercises or “workouts”. I’m sharing this for the fitness and strength and conditioning professionals who are in charge of creating and implementing training programs.

If you’ve been following Fastpitch Power, you already know that I don’t promote long distance running as a means of conditioning softball players, but that does not mean I don’t promote building an exceptional base of fitness using a variety of methods and equipment choices. Below the link to the article, I’ve added some older videos in which I explain how general fitness relates to skill acquisition and long term performance for softball athletes.

The Importance of Aerobic Work for Strength and Power

About the author

Joe Bonyai

Joe Bonyai is a strength and conditioning specialist and co-founder of Fastpitch Power. Joe operates Empower Athletic Development, a speed, strength and conditioning business for competitive athletes in Westchester, NY. Joe also authors a multi-sport training blog at www.Empower-ADE.com. Feel free to connect with Joe through Facebook at www.facebook.com/JJBonyai.

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