Quick Tip: Avoid Getting Overwhemled by What You’re Learning

When you’re first learning to pitch, or when you’re trying to work on breaking more than one bad habit, lessons can be overwhelming. After every pitch, your coach might rattle off a list of things to change. After the next one, it’s something different. You change one thing, but you forget about something else. Trying to keep track of all the things you’re doing incorrectly can be overwhelming, and often not very productive.

Quick Tip: Make a Short, Positive Mental List

Instead of thinking of all the things you’re NOT supposed to do, try this: together with your pitching coach, come up with a list of the top three things you have to remember to throw a good pitch. Write down the list if you have to. Phrase each one as a short, positive affirmation. Before every pitch, whether you’re in a game, practice, or lesson, take a moment to close your eyes, recite your list to yourself, and visualize yourself doing what you say.


  • I’m going to push forward off the rubber as hard as I can
  • I’m going to point my glove at my target as long as possible
  • I’m going to whip my arm loosely as fast as I can

…is a more positive, effective way to think than, “I have to remember not to turn my push foot, not to let my glove fly to the side, not to lean forward, not to lock my arm, not to let my hips get in the way, etc.” If you miss your pitch, instead of losing confidence thinking you don’t know what went wrong, just go back and recite your list again. You KNOW for sure that you need to do those three things to be successful, so focus on that instead of getting bogged down in negatives.

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Carly is a windmill pitching specialist and co-founder of Fastpitch Power. She has coached teams at every level from 10U to NCAA. She also designed and built fastpitchpower.com. Please feel free to leave questions and site feedback in the comments or via our contact page!

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