Winter Practice Tips: Spins and Other Resources

“How much should my daughter be practicing?” and “what should we be working on?” are two of my most consistently frequently asked questions, both from readers writing in and from my own students. Since the off-season is the time when people seem to be the most unsure, here is a list of resources you can use as a training guide!

How much should I practice?

Not all seasons are created equal, and if you practice the same way all year round you might actually be setting yourself up for trouble. More info here:

How much should you pitch in the winter?
How much should you practice pitching?The importance of a good practice-rest balance

Work on your spins

I see so many pitchers throwing “movement pitches” that really aren’t moving, because they tried to progress to fast and/or they stopped practicing their spins too soon. If your movement pitches are a little flat, or even if they’re good but you want them to be better, sharpening your spins is a great way to make valuable use of your winter time without putting too much stress on your body.

To read about the dangers of progressing too fast when learning new skills or correcting a bad habit, click here.

Check out all our posts on movement pitches here.

Pitch less, train more

As stated in the articles above, winter is the time to re-balance your body. Replacing some of your pitching practice with strength training will help prevent injury and make you a stronger pitcher in the spring.

Here is an awesome compilation of workouts you can do AT HOME. Not limited to Thanksgiving break!

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