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Destination vs. Location

What’s the difference? Find out in the video!

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Video: How to Establish your Throw Zone

In this video blog, Coach Phil will tell you what the throw zone, or runway is in windmill pitching, how to establish it, and why it’s so important to your delivery. Watch and learn!

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Video: The Importance of Vertical Stacking in Windmill Pitching Mechanics

Are you vertically stacked when you pitch? In this video blog, Coach Phil explains the meaning of vertical stacking and demonstrates why it’s such an important part of windmill pitching mechanics (and hitting mechanics too!)

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Video Blog: Success is the Enemy of Excellence

In his first video blog, Coach Phil goes into more detail about our philosophy at Fastpitch Power, specifically explaining what he means by “success is the enemy of excellence.”

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Introduction to Pitching Terms

Throw zone in windmill pitching

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to learn windmill pitching or improve your pitching skills with us. Before you can fully take advantage of all the information Fastpitch Power has to offer, you need to understand what we’re talking about. In this introductory post, I will explain our most often used pitching terms, with a few pictures for reference. Let’s get started!

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