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10 Upper Body Exercises for Softball Players

This week I’ve put together a catalog of ten upper body exercises from our YouTube page. From my experience, upper body strength training is too often overlooked or avoided in fear of injury or “getting to stiff and bulky”. The reality is strength training is critical to improve the physical integrity and durability of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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How to Get Your Athletes to Focus on the Details

In this week’s video, I share with you my favorite demonstration that I use to explain to my athletes the reasons behind the things we do in the gym. This exercise will show your athletes how focusing on technical details and “the big picture” leads to much greater improvement than simply by “pushing harder”.

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The Weak Link in a Chain

This video is a follow-up on Joe’s video about the importance of ankle strength!

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“Front Side” Strength Training for Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video covering strength training for softball pitchers, I show you what exercises to add if you are struggling with creating or maintaining a strong front side during your delivery.

Upper Body Strength Training: Exercises, Sets, and Reps

I received an email recently from a coach asking me to clarify my recommendations for upper body strength training for softball players. Specifically, he wanted to know how many sets and repetitions of exercises like push ups, pull ups, and rows his athletes should be completing. I think week’s article, I give you my response.

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20/20 Conditioning for Softball Practices

In this week’s video, I demonstrate a body weight conditioning circuit that you can install after your preseason or in-season practices. This circuit is easy to coach, will increase or maintain your athletes’ fitness but will not leave your athletes too sore or stiff the next day.

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Post Physical Therapy Upper Body Strength Training

Proceeding Jillian’s post, I felt it was a good time to talk about advanced strength training following an injury or physical therapy. In this week’s videos I explain and demonstrate upper body strength training principles and exercises for softball athletes who may, or may not, be returning from an injury.

Is CrossFit Safe for Softball Players?

As CrossFit continues to gain popularity, more high school athletes will become interested in it and exposed to its style of workouts. In this video, I try to lay out the basic tenants of CrossFit methods to let you determine whether or not it’s appropriate for your team or athlete.

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2014 Softball Preseason Strength and Conditioning Program

In this week’s post, I outline the final phase of our 2014 Off Season Strength Training Program. 3 videos, 3 workouts that you can rotate all the way up until the start of your competitive season…and beyond.

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2014 Softball Off Season Strength Training Program Month 4

Exercise demonstrations and daily workout schedule for Month 4 of Fastpitch Power’s 2014 Softball Off Season Strength Training Program.

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