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Is There a Relationship Between Core Stability and Shoulder Function?

In this week’s video, I review a new research study whose authors examined the relationship between performance in core stability exercises and shoulder dysfunction in collegiate overhead athletes. In this video, I summarize and clarify the important take-away messages from the results of this study and hope to show trainers how to read research a little more carefully in order not to jump to one way conclusions.

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4 Exercises for Healthy Shoulders

As the high school season comes to an end, summer travel teams are ramping up. In order to keep your throwing shoulder healthy thoughout the season, you must be PROACTIVE, continuing to keep your shoulder loose and strong before and after you pitch. In my last post, I demonstrated self-massage exercises that you can do if you have two tennis balls and a softball. In this week’s video, I give you my 4 favorite shoulder strengthening exercises that combat the fatigue you accumulate over your season.

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