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Breaking Pitches into the Strikezone

You can be a great pitcher even if you don’t have overpowering speed if you can really command multiple pitches. How do you defend against batters moving up in the box?

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Reader question: toe irritation in pitchers

Reader John has a question about chronic toe pain in pitchers…

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What Can Cause Forearm Soreness

“Do you see kids getting any soreness in their forearm…if so what do you attribute it to?”

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Reader question: “twist” vs. “tuck finger”

This week I’m addressing a question asked by reader Fred about different methods of throwing a curveball. Since terminology varies around the country it was a little tricky, but I did my best interpretation. Fred, if this doesn’t answer your question thoroughly, please feel free to send a follow up!

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The Most Important Thing For Beginner Pitchers

Got a question from reader Rob whose daughter is a beginner pitcher. He wanted to know: what is the single most important thing for them to focus on at the beginning of the learning process?

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Tracking Position

A reader asked a great question about the position your body should be in when you land tracked on the power line. Check out my answer in the video!

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Reader Question: How Much Should a 10u Athlete Pitch?

Hey Carly! I’ve got twins at the 10u level that both pitch, but in games both of them tend to not reach their optimum speeds/groove until the second inning, and this is after I have given them a complete warm up. As a result I have had them pitch a tad more than most (30 pitches) after warm-up and before the first pitch. We usually throw 100+ pitches in practice sessions so I feel like I have built or I am building their stamina.

We typically practice a couple times a week mixed in with a lesson, so they pitch 3 times a week(If everything falls into place). Does sound right to you? Any tips on how to keep them better prepared without pitching so much before games?


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