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Breaking Down Forearm Fire

In this video, I respond to a reader request and break down forearm fire even further.

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Questions Asked…Questions Answered.

In this video, I answer follower questions about lower body mechanics

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Early Setup For The Curveball

Today, I will be answering a readers question regarding curveballs

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How to Stride Farther


This is a long overdue request from reader Raquel, who is having trouble finding a pitching coach for her 9-year-old daughter and is ready to push her to the next level.

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What to do if you can’t find a pitching coach

@joeyfat13 on Twitter asked: “how can you keep your pitcher learning if you can’t find a pitching coach and how do you keep the mechanics?”

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Reader question: hand position at release in forearm fire

Question from reader Eddie about what the wrist does during a forearm fire release, and whether or not it’s too advanced for 10U pitchers.

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Landing the Drop

In today’s video I answer a reader question about drop ball mechanics.

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Screwball elbow torque: is it dangerous?


I got a question a while ago from a reader who was curious about Jennie Finch’s screwball, specifically wanting to know if it was safer on the elbow than the more widely taught screwball (which is also the one we teach). I want to dispel some myths about screwballs and drops, and shed some light for any pitchers who may rely on these pitches and experience some elbow soreness.

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Reader question: position relative to the power line

Two readers had questions pertaining to my landing position in my last video. Watch for clarification!

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Reader question: is my practice paying off?

Question from reader T, who just can’t seem to kick the habit of anchor-dragging her back foot even though she practices every day!

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