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Core Exercises for Hitting and Pitching (and why you still drag your back foot)

In this week’s video I show you three core exercises to improve hitting and pitching that you can perform almost anywhere as long as you have an exercise band. The exercises in this video are designed to improve rotational power for swinging AND pitching. In the video I demonstrate how the ability to rotate might be THE critical capacity for pitchers who want to achieve maximal velocity and command.

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“Front Side” Strength Training for Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video covering strength training for softball pitchers, I show you what exercises to add if you are struggling with creating or maintaining a strong front side during your delivery.

Do You Arch Your Back When You Pitch: Exercise Corrections

In this week’s video, I follow up Carly’s post on what causes you to arch your back too much during the pitching delivery. In the video, I explain and demonstrate the physical inefficiencies that prevent you from achieving and maintaining optimal positions throughout the sequence.

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Pre Game Shoulder Warm Up Exercises

This week, I continue my theme of in-season exercise ideas for softball players and teams. In this video, I explain and demonstrate a routine of exercises to warm up the shoulder properly before practices, games, and pitching lessons. More important than the exercises is the message of this video: begin to install more stability or strengthening exercises into your warm ups in lieu of half-focused jogging and “stretching”.

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How to Reduce Softball Pitching Elbow Pain

Arm, wrist and elbow pain is very common in throwing athletes, especially softball pitchers. In this week’s video I introduce a piece of equipment that I keep in my gym and that I’ve used personally to dramatically reduce throwing related arm pain.

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Is Softball Pitching a Rotational Movement?

In this week’s video I explain the importance of rotational movement in the windmill pitching sequence. Although softball pitching doesn’t appear to be powered by rotation in the same way batting is, control of rotation is what allows athletes to achieve critical positions throughout the delivery.

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Improving the Drive -Through Strength Training

This week, I’m reposting three older videos, that include theory and exercises designed to improve the first phase of the windmill delivery: the drive through. Each video touches on different technical points and ways to address them through flexibility, core, and strength training.

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3 Ways Strength Training Helps Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video I identify the three phases of the windmill pitching delivery that strength training can benefit the most. Strength coaches should especially pay attention to this post as I show you how to explain the benefits of your training program and exercise selection to parents and athletes in softball terms.

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Stretches That Improve Pitching Stride Length

In this week’s video, I explain and demonstrate a routine of stretching exercises designed to help softball pitchers improve their stride length.

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At What Age Should You Start Learning to Pitch?

I answer this very common question in today’s video!

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