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How Tape Can Help You Practice Pitching


Pittsburgh just got its first snow of the year! Unless you’re in a warm place, you’re probably stuck in a gym for at least 2-3 more months. There aren’t many advantages to pitching on a gym floor, but there is one: TAPE! Today you’re going to learn how some strategically placed tape strips can aid your pitching practice.

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Practice with Purpose

Today’s video continues with the theme of making the most of your off-season!

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Winter Practice Tips: Spins and Other Resources

“How much should my daughter be practicing?” and “what should we be working on?” are two of my most consistently frequently asked questions, both from readers writing in and from my own students. Since the off-season is the time when people seem to be the most unsure, here is a list of resources you can use as a training guide!

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Shifting Focus in the Fall

If you’re going through each year without changing your pitching routine, it’s time to reconsider your strategy. Each season—spring, summer, fall, and winter—is different, and accordingly, each should have it’s own goals.

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College Softball Summer Training Program – Phase 2

This week, I’m delivering Phase 2 of our College Softball Summer Training program. This is a FREE downloadable program with exercise video demonstrations and instruction. This program is designed to prepare incoming college freshmen for their collegiate weight room experience. In Phase 2, I’ve increased the challenge, added new exercises and added alternative exercises to accommodate for athletes of different levels or who has limited access to equipment.

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What to do if You’re Burnt Out or Injured

In this week’s video, I discuss your options following the season if you’re burnt out or injured. Sometimes it’s better for an athlete to hear another perspective outside their own head or household. Below the video, I’ve re-posted videos that cover at-home routines for every component of fitness regardless of your goal or current physical ability. Even if you’re injured, you can get SOMETHING done.

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Why Softball Players Burn Out

In this video, I review the epidemiology, or timeline of how a softball player breaks down over the course of a season. If you’re feeling burnt out, physically or mentally, watch this video to learn how to begin your comeback this off-season.

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Online Strength Training Program Sample

Softball Online Program

This past Monday I received two emails asking for more information on our online strength training programs. For this week’s post I’ve decided to explain exactly how the program works and provide examples of exactly what you receive as an online client.

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