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Fastpitch FUEL: how are you doing?


In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago Joe put together an awesome and really easy to understand guide to upgrading your meals to fuel yourself better! Did any of you take up the challenge? I decided to hold myself accountable and share my day with you.

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Nutrition for Softball Players and Parents

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but following a diet is rarely fun or practical. Healthy diet decisions become more difficult during the softball season when teams have to travel and make pit-stops at “quick and easy” restaurants. In this week’s video, I show you different ways to upgrade your diet, from THE EASIEST way to monitor what and how much you are eating to THE SIMPLEST action steps that you can start using today.

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When Women Lift Weights..

This week I’m sharing an article from U.S. News regarding the benefits of lifting weights for females. Honestly, I know this is a softball training site and I try my best to tailor my advice to the goals of a softball player. However, I haven’t emphasized enough that strength training is not just for young athletes; it’s a cornerstone for a fit, healthy body.

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Eat Well, Perform Well!

Here on FaspitchPower, we spend a lot of time discussing the proper mechanics for pitchers and the strength and conditioning that is necessary for preparing our bodies for our sport. What we haven’t talked about as much is the importance of proper nourishment, not just for playing softball, but also for a healthy lifestyle overall.

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Interview: Optimal Nutrition for Tournament Softball Players

One of the things I remember most clearly about my tournament softball days is how difficult it was to stay nourished over the course of a long weekend full of games. Early morning games, erratic schedules, and processed snack bar food all make it very difficult to eat properly; yet you’re exerting yourself all day, especially when the weather is hot, good nutrition is extremely important.

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Natural Healthy Alternatives to Sports Drinks

Newsflash: sports drinks really aren’t very good for you. Many of them contain multiple different sources of sugar, including high fructose or other corn syrups. If you’ve got a zero-calorie sports drink, you’re likely contending with artificial sweeteners, and no matter which you choose you’ll likely be consuming artificial flavors, “natural” flavors (which aren’t as natural as you think), artificial colorings, and preservatives. If you’ve got a practice or a single softball game ahead of you, you really only need water to stay hydrated; however, if you’re facing a 90+ degree summer day under full blazing sun with three or more tournament games to play, something with extra carbohydrates and electrolytes can definitely be beneficial. So what should you drink? I’ll tell you!

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Strong Words From Bonyai #1

confused boy

If you don’t want to lift weights, don’t play sports.
Lifting means doing squats, deadlifts, lunges, step ups, push ups, and pull ups.
If you can do more than 10 reps of an exercise you’re not lifting, you’re counting. Add weight. If you can do more than 10 pull ups, I want to see.

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The Fully Integrated Approach to Windmill Pitching

Fastpitch Power has assembled a team of recognized experts to provide our athletes with superior insight into all aspects of athletic development.

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