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Reducing Hip Pain in Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video, I demonstrate a few ways for softball pitchers to actively manage hip pain during the season.

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What Can Cause Forearm Soreness

“Do you see kids getting any soreness in their forearm…if so what do you attribute it to?”

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How to Strengthen Weak Ankles

In this week’s video, I answer a question from a Youtube viewer on how to strengthen weak ankles or recover from a sprained ankle. In the video, I explain and demonstrate a routine of exercises that you can perform at home or at the gym to get back on the field with more confidence.

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Post-Game Recovery

I was wondering if you have any exercises that you use after a game to help pitchers recover?

This question comes from McKay!

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Staying on the Field and Off the Injury List

After a long cold winter, in your rush to be on the field, don’t forget to prepare your body to stay on the field.

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Article Share: The Dangers of Playing the Same Sport Year Round

Happy New Year everyone!

Yesterday Joe shared an article on Facebook that I think is so important I just had to make it my post this week. I’m seeing a disturbing trend in very young softball players, pitchers especially, playing softball way too much…

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The Importance of a Good Practice-Rest Balance

You all probably know that adequate rest is important for preventing injury. Believe it or not, it’s also essential for developing solid mechanics early in a pitcher’s development.

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Are Your Batting Mechanics Hurting Your Back?

Batting Back Pain

In this week’s video, I show you one way to prevent or reduce back pain caused during batting practice. The solution does NOT just include exercises, and this video is NOT just for athletes. Coaches, this week I show you how to upgrade your eye for efficient movement mechanics during the swing to help keep your athletes durable.

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Therapy for your Hands and Feet

If you read our email newsletter, last time you received some great therapy for your often-ignored feet. I decided to share that info with everyone, and include some for your hands too!

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How to Keep Your Front Side Closed

In last week’s video, I introduced reasons why your athlete has difficulty keeping their front side closed during pitching or batting. In this week’s videos I explain, in detail, the physical contributors to front side stability. In the second video I give you a routine of exercises that every athlete can you to build a solid front side for pitching or batting.

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