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2 for 1 Arm Isolation Drill

A continuation of this post about cheating at your isolation drills. Try this drill to make sure you’re doing your arm isolation practice correctly!

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Are you hurting your progress by cheating at your drills?

This general concept is true of any pitching drill, but I want to focus specifically on arm isolation drills today. For those just learning to pitch, and those who are trying to switch to forearm fire style from something else, arm isolation drills are very important for learning the correct arm whip. However, it’s very easy to cheat at these drills—so easy, in fact, that you may be cheating without even realizing it! Are you unknowingly hurting your development?

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Forearm Fire & Other Pitches

This video delves deeper into the answer to a recent question from reader Ralph about forearm fire. Check it out!

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How Should Your Fastball Spin?


If this isn’t the number one question we receive via email and comments, it’s definitely at least in the top three. However, it’s not the question you should be asking. What you want to know is: how much should you CARE how your fastball is spinning?

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Hand Position at the Back of the Arm Circle

In today’s video, I demonstrate the position your hand should be in entering the throw zone and explain why.

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How do you fix your mechanics when you’ve got games to pitch?

I was working with a student yesterday for the first time since last year as she spent the entire off-season recovering from an injury. We spend the whole time doing specific drills and she put in a really outstanding effort to smooth out the illegal hop in her drive through. After the lesson she asked me, what am I supposed to do in games?

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The Speed of Softball

Coach Jill showed me this cool video today. There are a lot of fun facts in there you can share with the next person who tells you softball is easier than baseball… but the most important thing I see is EVERY PITCHER IS USING FOREARM FIRE!

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Still not convinced about forearm fire?

Last week I accepted a university assistant coach position! The entire coaching staff has been changed over the last few weeks, so I had the opportunity to review a lot of prospective players’ videos. I definitely noticed a trend…

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Transitioning to Forearm Fire

In today’s video, I discuss where to start if you’re trying to transition to forearm fire (arm whip) from another pitching style, or if you’ve been attempting forearm fire from the beginning and just can’t seem to get a feel for it.

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Quick Tip: Making Sure Your Arm is on the Power Line

Since the forearm fire release and power line concept are two of the very first things you learn as a student of Fastpitch Power’s method or similar methods, it’s natural for a lot of pitchers to forget to focus on the power line as they advance in their training. Here are some simple reminders about the power line concept. Even if you don’t think this will apply to you, please read, especially if you tend to miss inside and/or outside!

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