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Breaking Down Forearm Fire

In this video, I respond to a reader request and break down forearm fire even further.

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Flexion vs. Extension in the Pitch Delivery

In this video, I dive further into forearm fire by discussing the difference between elbow flexion and elbow extension during the pitch delivery, and which technique is optimal

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Football Drill for Forearm Fire

In today’s video, I demonstrate how to get the feeling of forearm fire using a football.

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Further breakdown of forearm fire

In today’s video I answer a reader’s question about forearm fire. Check below for the video of Yukiko Ueno referenced!

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Reader question: hand position at release in forearm fire

Question from reader Eddie about what the wrist does during a forearm fire release, and whether or not it’s too advanced for 10U pitchers.

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Teaching Wrist Snap


We got an excellent question from reader Shelley this week about teaching wrist snaps. This is great information for everyone!

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The Most Important Thing For Beginner Pitchers

Got a question from reader Rob whose daughter is a beginner pitcher. He wanted to know: what is the single most important thing for them to focus on at the beginning of the learning process?

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How to Wake Up Your Arms and Legs

In my last post, we discussed some of the problems that can arise if your arms and legs are “asleep”—meaning your arm movements are dominated by your shoulder rather than your actual arms, and/or your leg movements are dominated by your hips rather than your legs. This can cause poor speed, bad movement pitches, inability to whip your arm, and in many cases, pain. Today we’re going to talk about WHY this happens in some pitchers and what you can do about it.

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Are Your Arms and Legs AWAKE?


Do you struggle with any of the following pitching symptoms: lack of speed, difficulty with the drive through, difficulty with balance/posture, difficulty “getting” forearm fire, or flat or wild movement pitches? Do you want to know what all of these very different issues could have in common? My most recent discovery may help you out.

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Think You Need To Make Your Wrist Snap Stronger?

Students often ask me how to make their wrist snaps stronger. How come no one asks that question about an overhand throw from the infield or outfield? More in the video!

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