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Questions Asked…Questions Answered.

In this video, I answer follower questions about lower body mechanics

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The ground tells many tales

Watch today’s video to learn how you can infer your own mechanical mistakes based on the dirt in front of your feet!

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How to Stride Farther


This is a long overdue request from reader Raquel, who is having trouble finding a pitching coach for her 9-year-old daughter and is ready to push her to the next level.

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Drive Through Timing

More about motion timing in the video!

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Reader question: is my practice paying off?

Question from reader T, who just can’t seem to kick the habit of anchor-dragging her back foot even though she practices every day!

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Drive Foot Direction

This week’s video answers a reader’s question about the direction of the foot during the drive through as it relates to hip position.

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How to Wake Up Your Arms and Legs

In my last post, we discussed some of the problems that can arise if your arms and legs are “asleep”—meaning your arm movements are dominated by your shoulder rather than your actual arms, and/or your leg movements are dominated by your hips rather than your legs. This can cause poor speed, bad movement pitches, inability to whip your arm, and in many cases, pain. Today we’re going to talk about WHY this happens in some pitchers and what you can do about it.

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Are Your Arms and Legs AWAKE?


Do you struggle with any of the following pitching symptoms: lack of speed, difficulty with the drive through, difficulty with balance/posture, difficulty “getting” forearm fire, or flat or wild movement pitches? Do you want to know what all of these very different issues could have in common? My most recent discovery may help you out.

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More Illegal Pitch Discussion

Check out the video!

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More About Illegal Pitching

Discussion in today’s video!

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