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Core Exercises for Hitting and Pitching (and why you still drag your back foot)

In this week’s video I show you three core exercises to improve hitting and pitching that you can perform almost anywhere as long as you have an exercise band. The exercises in this video are designed to improve rotational power for swinging AND pitching. In the video I demonstrate how the ability to rotate might be THE critical capacity for pitchers who want to achieve maximal velocity and command.

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Correcting Your Drive Through With Core Training

If we were to self-appoint “Best Articles/Videos” of 2013, I would nominate this week’s video as the best of my contributions this year. I don’t think I’ve done a better job to date of explaining strength training principles in a way that softball athletes and coaches can understand and apply. In this week’s video I explain and demonstrate how to correct your pitching mechanics through core training.

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