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Consistency Part 1

In this video, I talk about consistency and commanding the strike zone. This is something that separates the good pitchers from the outstanding pitchers.

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Attacking the Strike Zone

Softball playoffs are on TV! How are the top pitchers in the country performing? More in the video.

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Speed loss: are you fighting gravity when you pitch?


Do you feel like you’re not getting the right amount of speed for the effort you’re putting into each pitch, and/or do you tend to miss high a lot? I’ve seen a number of new students lately, and noticed that most who are struggling with these issues have something in common: they release against gravity.

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Precision Drill

In today’s video, I share a drill that will help you thread a needle with your pitches!

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Focus Drill: Hitting Spots

Effective windmill pitchers need to be able to thread a needle with their fastballs. In today’s video, I discuss how you can improve your fastball command and hit any spot you want.

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