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Your New Ab Exercises

This week, I’m posting a catalog of my favorite ab exercises. These are unlike traditional crunches and situps which challenge the core’s ability to flex and extend the spine. These exercises challenge core stability, the ability to maintain proper posture, which is we want to transfer to sports movements.

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Do You Arch Your Back When You Pitch: Exercise Corrections

In this week’s video, I follow up Carly’s post on what causes you to arch your back too much during the pitching delivery. In the video, I explain and demonstrate the physical inefficiencies that prevent you from achieving and maintaining optimal positions throughout the sequence.

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Do you arch your back when you pitch?

If you find yourself hitting your hip or the front of your body with your arm when you pitch, frequently pitch inside without meaning to, or are experiencing some back pain, listen up!

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Exercises for Athletes with Back Pain

A real issue many athletes face during the season is playing through pain or with minor injuries. In this video, I demonstrate an exercise routine for athletes (and parents) with back pain. At best, it addresses specific issues that could be contributing to your pain. At least, it is a total body workout you can do at home or at the gym to stay active and fit in case you need to take time off from softball.

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Are Your Batting Mechanics Hurting Your Back?

Batting Back Pain

In this week’s video, I show you one way to prevent or reduce back pain caused during batting practice. The solution does NOT just include exercises, and this video is NOT just for athletes. Coaches, this week I show you how to upgrade your eye for efficient movement mechanics during the swing to help keep your athletes durable.

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