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Customized Video Analysis

Please send us your video for approval to ensure that we can view it. You may use our video upload form, send it directly from your smartphone using your “email video” function, or upload it to YouTube and email the link to

Once you have received approval, purchase your analysis using the “buy now” button below. You will be directed to our PayPal checkout (you may use a credit card; you do not need a PayPal account, although you may use your PayPal account if you have one).

For more information about taking video, submitting video, or video analysis in general, visit our Video Analysis page, or contact us with any questions.

PRICE: $349


REDUCED-RATE SECOND ANALYSIS: If you’ve received a full video analysis from us in the past, you may want to check in again after you’ve worked on some things and note your progress. You’ll be eligible for a shorter second analysis at a reduced rate, or a second phone consultation.






Windmill Pitching Weekend Mini-Camps

The Fastpitch Power instructors can travel to your community to run weekend mini-camps for your pitchers. This is an ideal solution for rec league or travel ball organizers who would like to give all of their beginning pitchers and coaches a solid introduction to windmill pitching. We also run advanced camps for tournament teams, high schools, and college programs that can include a workout regimen for maximizing pitcher potential. Pricing varies depending on travel distance and number of participants. Please contact us for a quote.

Custom Program Design for Teams and Coaches

Are you a new coach looking for a good start, or an experienced coach looking to take your team to the next level? We can create customized team workouts that can optimize your team’s potential and help you run your practices more effectively. Programs can include recommended drills for all skills (pitching, hitting, fielding, etc.), an optimized warm-up routine, nutritional advice, and more. We tailor the program to fit your specific needs. Availability is limited. Please contact us for more information.

College Counseling

The Fastpitch Power team is experienced with the college process from all perspectives—recruited athlete, walk-on athlete, parent, and coach. We know first hand how overwhelming choosing a college can be, especially for athletes. To make it easier, we offer consultation services to softball players for all aspects of the college process, with a focus on playing softball in college that can supplement what your high school guidance counselor is able to offer. Whether you’re a junior searching, a senior applying, or a young elite athlete looking for the right tournament program to help you get recruited, we can help you.

An hour-long consultation via phone or Skype is $80.

Please contact us if you’re interested to answer some preliminary questions for free!

Seminars and Webinars for Coaches

One of our specialties is providing coaches of all levels with information they need to coach more effectively. From time to time, we will be offering online seminars for coaches. Registration information will be available prior to each seminar. Sign up for our email newsletter if you would like to be notified as soon as seminar registration opens.

Additionally, if you are part of a program with a large coaching staff, we can provide a private seminar for your coaches. This can be done online, or in some cases we may be able to travel to your location. Please contact us for more information.

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