More on the Change-up

In today’s video, I discuss the change-up in more detail!


About the author


Phil Schonberg is a co-founder of Fastpitch Power, inc. He teaches all aspects of fastptich softball, specializing in windmill pitching and coaches' training.


  1. Doug Oyler


    Thank you so much for your videos. You’ve really helped my daughter become a better pitcher. We’ve worked on tracking later – faster. We’ve worked on planting the landing to establish a firm front side. Her speed has increase significantly.

    i can’t wait to implement your “hand entering the throwzone first” tip. She’s been having trouble slowing down her change up and that should really help.

    We really love you guys!

    Doug and Mandy

    1. Phil

      Great to hear we are helping. Your daughter should never have to slow her change-up down. The proper grip, hand path, and release will provide the desired speed differential without the necessity of reduced hand speed. Tell her to trust the mechanics and good things will happen. Let us know how the adjusted hand path is working for her.

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