What kinds of exercises are college softball players doing?

Hi everyone, I’ve officially become Fastpitch Power’s Instagram guru! The other day, I was exploring Instagram and came across the official account for the Tennessee Lady Vols Softball team, one of the top colleges for softball in the nation. I was happy to see some pictures of their girls in the gym! Check out some of the photos below!

Do these exercises look familiar? If you follow us, you’ll see that Joe talks about these sorts of exercises regularly. These are the kinds of exercises you will see college softball players doing.

Parents of my girls often ask me, “Why isn’t my daughter pitching faster?” or, “Why is she still having trouble with the mechanics.” When I tell them that the issues are caused by some kind of strength or flexibility deficit in the body that is making it harder to to pitch correctly, their responses are usually something like “You’re going to go home and do some crunches,” or “I told you to come to the gym and run on the treadmill with me.” Taking an interest is a good step 1, but step 2 is identifying the exercises that will actually help a pitcher get the strongest the fastest!

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Jillian Stephens is a former top ranked east coast NCAA pitching recruit. She graduated from New Rochelle High School and Villanova University. She played gold level softball with several teams including the Virginia Shamrocks and the Morris County Belles prior to college, and continued to play Division 1 softball at Villanova. She was a student in physical therapy at Harcum College in Pennsylvania, and is familiar with injuries, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. She also instructs in Phil Schonberg's pitching clinics and gives many private lessons in the Philadelphia area.

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