Interview with Dr. James Andrews

Ok, so I wasn’t the one giving the interview, but this was too invaluable not to share. Coaches and parents must listen to Dr. Andrews and medical professionals who understand the consequences of overloading youth athletes. Here is the link:

Interview With Dr. James Andrews on the Dangers of Competitive Youth Sports

I do not believe Dr. Andrews is suggesting that athletes take 3-4 months off from sports and activity, but just from one specific sport. That means athletes can (and should) pick up another sport during their “off” season that challenges different movements and energy system demands, or the athlete can participate in a physical education/fitness program to restore imbalances created by repetitive sporting movements.

Do you have a good Stress-Rest balance? Here are good, less than ideal, and dangerous yearly sports training schedules. I will expand on this in a future post.

Good Options
Spring/Summer: Softball
Fall: Soccer
Winter: Strength Training

Spring/Summer: Softball
Fall/Winter: Strength Training
Winter: Indoor Track (Sprints and Jumps…hell, try everything)

Spring/Summer: Softball
Fall: Strength Training
Winter: Basketball/Strength Training

Less Than Ideal Options (Too much shoulder stress, Too little strength training)
Spring/Summer: Softball
Fall: Volleyball
Winter: Anything but Strength Training

Spring/Summer: Softball
Fall/Winter: Swimming
(to be honest, a risky combination)

Worst Option
Spring/Summer: Softball
Fall: Softball
Winter: Softball

You get the picture.


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