Glove and Body Position for Drop Curves

Tackling another reader question today. Check out more drop curve tips in the video!

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Phil Schonberg is a co-founder of Fastpitch Power, inc. He teaches all aspects of fastptich softball, specializing in windmill pitching and coaches' training.


  1. Andy Bilotta


    We just found your website and are very impressed by the wealth of good information that it provides. I have twin girls playing 16u travel ball and are in the process of trying out for there high school team. I hope that by sharing your site with them they may play to their potential and have some fun.

    Thank you.
    Andy B.

    1. Phil

      Andy – Thanks so much for the comment.There is nothing more important to us than having the information we share result in realization of potential and, most importantly, providing an atmosphere for fun and a feeling of accomplishment. Please let us know if there are any issues your girls would like to see addressed on the site, and we will try our best to do so.

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