Fastpitch Power visits Arizona

The Fastpitch Power team took our show on the road this April visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona area to run a pitching clinic for a high school/ travel ball program in that area.

Last month the head coach/program director, who is one of Fastpitch Power’s faithful followers, contacted Coach Phil about running a special clinic for the pitchers in his program. So we hopped on a plane and conducted a mini camp for a group of 14 to 16 year old pitchers, catchers and their coaches. The trip reminded us of how rewarding it is to deal with both coaches and athletes who are engaged in and committed to the successful development of their program and the growth of their student athletes.

The weather was beautiful, the fields were great and we took the players through the Fastpitch Power method. By the end of the clinic the participants absorbed a lot of material and made tremendous improvements in their pitching skills.

We truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with some of our distant followers face to face. Busy schedules often get in the way of such opportunities, but we look forward to more chances to do so in the future. Here are some photos from our mini camp.

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Paula is part of the Fastpitch Power team, assisting in clinics and other events. She also has a degree in journalism and marketing and frequently contributes to Fastpitch Power articles.

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