College Softball 2014: Who to Watch

In case you haven’t already been paying attention to the games on TV, ESPN’s networks are airing more college softball games than ever this year! You can check out an overview of the schedule here or in your TV listings. Following are a few 2014 pitchers whose mechanics I especially like, so be sure to check them out!

Tiarra Davis, Texas

Last year Davis’s predecessor, now-graduated senior Blaire Luna, also made my list of examples. Similarly, Davis has a great smooth drive-through and a really relaxed arm. She’s taking on a big workload in a tough conference as a freshman, so you know her coaches are impressed with what she’s bringing to the table.

Lacey Waldrop, Florida State

Another example of a smooth drive through and forearm fire, but what really stands out to me is her glove work! This is something a lot of young pitchers struggle with, so watch closely how her glove comes straight down on the power line and really energetically balances out her pitching arm (starting about 48 seconds into the video)

Hannah Rogers, Florida

Hannah Rogers is definitely one of the best pitchers in the country right now. Her glove alignment is also great, but the thing I like best is how even though she throws a lot of different pitches, her hand always goes through the same throw zone; she doesn’t go over her head on some, pull back on others, etc. This makes it very hard for the batter to pick up which pitch is coming! Her most recent YouTube video is from a silly news feature, but you can see a cool front angle of her pitching hand coming through.

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