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Game Review: Alabama vs. Arkansas

So conference tournaments have officially begun, and where better to start than the super competitive SEC tournament? The very first game was between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Arkansas Razorbacks. It is pretty cool to see Arkansas really improving from previous years and making it all the way to the SEC tournament, and more …

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Game Review: Oregon vs. Florida State


Welcome to the first ever Fastpitch Power post-game review! Here, we will take a look at all of the great NCAA softball games and analyze how each of the teams, specifically the pitchers, performed! Today we take a look at the incredible game three that took place between the Oregon Ducks and the Florida State …

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Breaking Down Forearm Fire

In this video, I respond to a reader request and break down forearm fire even further.

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Drop Ball vs. Riseball: Which Is More Effective?

In this video, I discuss the difference between a drop ball and a rise ball, and give my opinion as to which pitch is more effective for strikeout pitchers.

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Backswings: Do They Help or Hurt Your Pitch?

In this video, I address the use of a backswing during the pre-motion, and give my opinion as to whether they are helpful or harmful to the pitch.

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My Top 10 Pitchers to Watch Right Now

"Florida Gators pitcher Delanie Gourley throws to the plate during the second inning.  Florida Gators Softball vs South Carolina Gamecocks.  April 4th, 2015. Gator Country photo by David Bowie.

We are now well into the 2017 NCAA Division 1 Softball season, my favorite time of year! I make it a point to always have Watch ESPN handy, whether that’s on TV or on my phone so I can watch as many games as I can. From what I have seen so far, this is …

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Want more velocity? Hurry up and wait!

In this video, I discuss the importance of the passage of time in the growth and development of athletes.

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Questions Asked…Questions Answered.

In this video, I answer follower questions about lower body mechanics

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Fastpitch Power Terminology

In this video, I explain and define some of the most common pitching terms we use here at Fastpitch Power.

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Flexion vs. Extension in the Pitch Delivery

In this video, I dive further into forearm fire by discussing the difference between elbow flexion and elbow extension during the pitch delivery, and which technique is optimal

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