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Timing the Track

In this video, I answer a reader question and discuss the correct timing of the “track” during the pitching motion

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Virtual Pitching Lessons!

Hello everyone! Coach Jill here with something exciting! Do you have a pitcher who you think would benefit from our teaching style? Have you been following Fastpitch Power for a while and love what we teach but live in an area where there are no instructors? Have you been working with your pitcher(s) on our …

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The Arm Circle

Today, I discuss the arm circle and its relationship to the power line and throw zone

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The Wonders of Wall Work

Today I demonstrate how wall work can fix many mechanical flaws

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Stay Back, Don’t Lean Back

In this video, I discuss a common mechanical flaw that negatively impacts the performance of pitchers and hitters alike

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Consistency Part 2

Today, I follow up on last week’s post about consistency when pitching.

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Consistency Part 1

In this video, I talk about consistency and commanding the strike zone. This is something that separates the good pitchers from the outstanding pitchers.

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Game Review: Oklahoma vs. Florida, Game 1 of the WCWS Finals!


So we’ve gotten through the regionals, super regionals, and have made it all the way to the finals of the 2017 Women’s College World Series. There has definitely been some great competition, upsets and all around excitement so far. Pitching has been great, there have been tons of Sports Center Top Ten plays and so …

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Game Review: Florida vs. Ole Miss

The next game of the day (starting over an hour late thanks to the intense 10 inning game that took place between Alabama and Texas A&M) was number one seed Florida vs Ole Miss. I am so excited to write about this game because I am so happy with the result. Everyone had their preconceived …

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Game Review: Alabama vs. Texas A&M


After a successful and exciting first day of tournament play, we were ready for day 2! Today, all of the winners from yesterday met up with the top seeds of the conference. We tried to make our first game of the day the ACC conference contest between Virginia and Florida State, but sadly it was …

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