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Where Does Power Come From: A Follow-Up

In my last post I answered a reader’s question about where power comes from in windmill pitching. As you can see, the answer is not a matter of opinion; there is a right and a wrong answer based on the laws of physics. If that’s the case, why are there so many varying pitching styles out there? I think I can answer that one for you as well.

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Pitching Power: Where Does it Come From?

Great question from one of our readers about where power actually comes from in windmill pitching.

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3 Tests and What They Say About Your Softball Ability

This week, I’m giving you some insight into the “corrective” side of strength training for softball players. In this video, I demonstrate three exercise-tests that you can perform to determine if there are underlying physical issues holding back your skill development or performance on the field.

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Do you arch your back when you pitch?

If you find yourself hitting your hip or the front of your body with your arm when you pitch, frequently pitch inside without meaning to, or are experiencing some back pain, listen up!

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5 Signs College is Going to Be a Bad Experience

dr oz

Here are 5 bad habits you need to kick BEFORE you get to college.

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The Difference Between Real Age and Developmental Age

I had a surprising first lesson with an 8-year-old recently…

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More On What Makes Pitchers Effective

I have developed quite a large client base here in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I continue to acquire new students, while still instructing the original group of girls I began working with a few years ago. I frequently get texts and calls from parents, updating me on the games my pitchers play in, which I love. I always enjoy hearing about how my girls perform in game situations because it is so different from how they perform during lessons.

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Success Does Not Come From Skills and Drills

Lessons on success, my biggest regret as a ball player, and how sports can prepare you for a great life after your final game.

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The Consequences of Early Sport Specialization

When I moved to Westchester, New York in 2009, I thought youth “sport specialization” was an issue exclusive to affluent communities where parents could afford the travel and private “tutoring” of athletes. Either I was wrong, or this problem has incomprehensibly metastasized across the country since. This week, I’m forwarding you to a must-read article on this subject and its hard, cold consequences for adolescents.

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Making the best of an injury

In this week’s video, I answer a reader question about how to mentally come back from a major injury.

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