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Making the best of an injury

In this week’s video, I answer a reader question about how to mentally come back from a major injury.

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When Women Lift Weights..

This week I’m sharing an article from U.S. News regarding the benefits of lifting weights for females. Honestly, I know this is a softball training site and I try my best to tailor my advice to the goals of a softball player. However, I haven’t emphasized enough that strength training is not just for young athletes; it’s a cornerstone for a fit, healthy body.

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Staying on the Field and Off the Injury List

After a long cold winter, in your rush to be on the field, don’t forget to prepare your body to stay on the field.

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How to Reduce Softball Pitching Elbow Pain

Arm, wrist and elbow pain is very common in throwing athletes, especially softball pitchers. In this week’s video I introduce a piece of equipment that I keep in my gym and that I’ve used personally to dramatically reduce throwing related arm pain.

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Post Physical Therapy Upper Body Strength Training

Proceeding Jillian’s post, I felt it was a good time to talk about advanced strength training following an injury or physical therapy. In this week’s videos I explain and demonstrate upper body strength training principles and exercises for softball athletes who may, or may not, be returning from an injury.

Eat Well, Perform Well!

Here on FaspitchPower, we spend a lot of time discussing the proper mechanics for pitchers and the strength and conditioning that is necessary for preparing our bodies for our sport. What we haven’t talked about as much is the importance of proper nourishment, not just for playing softball, but also for a healthy lifestyle overall.

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Article Share: The Dangers of Playing the Same Sport Year Round

Happy New Year everyone!

Yesterday Joe shared an article on Facebook that I think is so important I just had to make it my post this week. I’m seeing a disturbing trend in very young softball players, pitchers especially, playing softball way too much…

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Correcting Your Drive Through With Core Training

If we were to self-appoint “Best Articles/Videos” of 2013, I would nominate this week’s video as the best of my contributions this year. I don’t think I’ve done a better job to date of explaining strength training principles in a way that softball athletes and coaches can understand and apply. In this week’s video I explain and demonstrate how to correct your pitching mechanics through core training.

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What to do if You’re Burnt Out or Injured

In this week’s video, I discuss your options following the season if you’re burnt out or injured. Sometimes it’s better for an athlete to hear another perspective outside their own head or household. Below the video, I’ve re-posted videos that cover at-home routines for every component of fitness regardless of your goal or current physical ability. Even if you’re injured, you can get SOMETHING done.

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Why Softball Players Burn Out

In this video, I review the epidemiology, or timeline of how a softball player breaks down over the course of a season. If you’re feeling burnt out, physically or mentally, watch this video to learn how to begin your comeback this off-season.

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