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Reader question: toe irritation in pitchers

Reader John has a question about chronic toe pain in pitchers…

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Core Exercises for Pitching Posture

In this week’s video, I introduce three core exercises that I really, really like. Not only will you feel this exercise in your core muscles immediately, you won’t be forced to twist and bend putting additional stress on your low back. The exercise not only challenges the core, but balance as well, which is important …

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Fastpitch150: The Best Leg Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If you’ve been busy all summer and have not had a chance to workout in preparation for your fall sport or season, you still have time left to get in shape. In this week’s video I demonstrate what I call the Fastpitch150, a “simple but savage” leg workout designed to improve leg stamina and overall conditioning. If you are worrying about “all the running” your college coach will enforcing this fall, or need to get in shape for another sport like soccer or field hockey, this workout is for you.

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Fastpitch FUEL: how are you doing?


In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago Joe put together an awesome and really easy to understand guide to upgrading your meals to fuel yourself better! Did any of you take up the challenge? I decided to hold myself accountable and share my day with you.

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Introducing Fastpitch FUEL: How to Eat Healthier


Summer is a great time for athletes and families to make HUGE steps toward improving your health and performance. Not only should you have more time to plan workouts, you should be able to eat healthier now that you have a home-field advantage. In this post you’ll learn how to become your own nutrition coach with our downloadable Fastpitch Fuel Scorecard.

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What kinds of exercises are college softball players doing?

HI everyone, I’ve officially become Fastpitch Power’s Instagram guru! The other day, I was exploring Instagram and came across the official account for the Tennessee Lady Vols Softball team, one of the top colleges for softball in the nation. I was happy to see some pictures of their girls in the gym! Check out some of the photos below!

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What Do College Coaches Look For?

This week I’m forwarding you to an absolutely awesome article. To be completely transparent, I know who “holds the deck” when it comes to youth athletic development: college coaches. So, when a group of coaches publicly sound off on what they look for in prospective student-athletes, I think it’s fair you might want to take a look.

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Exercises for Athletes with Back Pain

A real issue many athletes face during the season is playing through pain or with minor injuries. In this video, I demonstrate an exercise routine for athletes (and parents) with back pain. At best, it addresses specific issues that could be contributing to your pain. At least, it is a total body workout you can do at home or at the gym to stay active and fit in case you need to take time off from softball.

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Nutrition for Softball Players and Parents

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but following a diet is rarely fun or practical. Healthy diet decisions become more difficult during the softball season when teams have to travel and make pit-stops at “quick and easy” restaurants. In this week’s video, I show you different ways to upgrade your diet, from THE EASIEST way to monitor what and how much you are eating to THE SIMPLEST action steps that you can start using today.

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The Consequences of Early Sport Specialization

When I moved to Westchester, New York in 2009, I thought youth “sport specialization” was an issue exclusive to affluent communities where parents could afford the travel and private “tutoring” of athletes. Either I was wrong, or this problem has incomprehensibly metastasized across the country since. This week, I’m forwarding you to a must-read article on this subject and its hard, cold consequences for adolescents.

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