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Free Downloadable Softball Conditioning Program

This week I’ve put together a softball conditioning program that any athlete (or parent) can follow on their own. You can use any piece of cardio equipment that you have access to or you could even perform these workouts at a track.

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Free Softball Cell Phone Wallpapers!

Free softball smartphone wallpaper

Recently we passed 250 posts, 350 twitter followers, and 600 newsletter subscribers! As thanks to all our readers, I have some fun free goodies for you this week!

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Online Strength Training Program Sample

Softball Online Program

This past Monday I received two emails asking for more information on our online strength training programs. For this week’s post I’ve decided to explain exactly how the program works and provide examples of exactly what you receive as an online client.

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Softball Full Workout Sheets and Videos

Arielle Sheet

Not to many trainers are willing to post their actual training programs or videos of their clients training. This week I’m putting myself out there and doing both. My goal for this week’s post is to show you examples of how I arrange the training components such as a warm up, power, strength, and core training into a workout and even donate example sheets that my athletes follow.

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Free Flexibility Test For Softball Players

Do you need to improve your flexibility? Could you actually be TOO flexibile? This week I’m offering a free assessment and exercise plan for anyone who submits their video of this simple, three-exercise test!

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A Freebie for Our Readers!

"This is my home" softball field Facebook cover image

Just a few short months after our launch, we’ve exceeded 100 subscribers to our newsletter! We’re so excited to be able to share our softball training info with all of you, and we’re extremely thankful to all our readers. As a little celebration and a thank you, we made some totally free Facebook cover photos for you to use! Take as many as you want, use them as much as you want, share them with your friends, and enjoy!

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