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Making the best of an injury

In this week’s video, I answer a reader question about how to mentally come back from a major injury.

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Returning from a Major Injury

We’ve all had injuries. They can be painful, emotionally draining, and frustrating. Minor injuries happen all the time, but some may require extensive time off, physical therapy, or even the dreaded word no athlete wants to hear…surgery. After a major injury like that, returning to your sport can be a stressful and scary experience. I know how it feels; at age 24 I’ve had more injuries, surgeries, and physical therapy treatments than I’d like, both softball and non-sport related. Today I want to share some injury recovery tips from my experience with you.

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Staying Focused in Front of College Coaches and Screaming Fans

Today we have another wonderful guest post from former East Coast #1 NCAA pitching recruit Jill Schonberg. Jill is going to share some important wisdom from her years of being a high level pitcher and give you some tips for how to pitch in high pressure situations. Enjoy!

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