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Virtual Pitching Lessons!

Hello everyone! Coach Jill here with something exciting! Do you have a pitcher who you think would benefit from our teaching style? Have you been following Fastpitch Power for a while and love what we teach but live in an area where there are no instructors? Have you been working with your pitcher(s) on our …

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New Fastpitch Power Location!

Hey everyone! We’ve got some exciting news for you. As of mid July, 2016, Coach Jillian will be moving down to the Philadelphia/King of Prussia area. This means that we will now be offering the opportunity for private lessons in Pennsylvania! Coach Jillian has been pitching since the age of nine, and has played on …

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Fastpitch Power visits Arizona


The Fastpitch Power team took our show on the road this April visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona area to run a pitching clinic for a high school/ travel ball program in that area.

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Teaching Wrist Snap


We got an excellent question from reader Shelley this week about teaching wrist snaps. This is great information for everyone!

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How to Get Your Athletes to Focus on the Details

In this week’s video, I share with you my favorite demonstration that I use to explain to my athletes the reasons behind the things we do in the gym. This exercise will show your athletes how focusing on technical details and “the big picture” leads to much greater improvement than simply by “pushing harder”.

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Calling Pitches

One of our followers, William, asked about calling pitches as a coach! Check out the video.

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Softball Fitness: The Importance of Aerobic Work for Strength and Power

For this week’s contribution, I’m sharing an article that covers the science behind the importance of aerobic training and development for strength and power athletes. This article is technical and I understand it doesn’t satiate the reader’s who are looking for exercises or “workouts”. I’m sharing this for the fitness and strength and conditioning professionals who are in charge of creating and implementing training programs.

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Success Does Not Come From Skills and Drills

Lessons on success, my biggest regret as a ball player, and how sports can prepare you for a great life after your final game.

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What Do College Coaches Look For?

This week I’m forwarding you to an absolutely awesome article. To be completely transparent, I know who “holds the deck” when it comes to youth athletic development: college coaches. So, when a group of coaches publicly sound off on what they look for in prospective student-athletes, I think it’s fair you might want to take a look.

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Is There a Relationship Between Core Stability and Shoulder Function?

In this week’s video, I review a new research study whose authors examined the relationship between performance in core stability exercises and shoulder dysfunction in collegiate overhead athletes. In this video, I summarize and clarify the important take-away messages from the results of this study and hope to show trainers how to read research a little more carefully in order not to jump to one way conclusions.

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