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How to Read a Hitter as a Catcher, Part 2

In part 1 I¬†discussed how catchers can determine what pitches to call by looking at factors like the hitter’s height, body type, hand position, and stance. In part 2, we’re going to discuss how to factor in whether she is up or back in the batter’s box.

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How to Read a Batter as a Catcher

Continuing my catching series, today’s video discusses how you as a catcher can determine where to set up for pitch location by taking a look at the batter’s stance, setup, body type, and other factors.

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How a Catcher Can Make a Pitcher More Effective

In today’s video Coach Jill and I are going to talk a little about catcher framing. Subtle framing can make a huge difference in the number of strike calls you get from an umpire, but if you’re too dramatic with your framing, you can actually take away strike calls. More in the video!

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The One Thing That Will Make Every Good Pitcher Better

What is the one thing a pitcher can possess that can instantly make her 10 to 15 percent better? Read on.

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A Practice Model for Pitchers and Catchers

If you really want to reach your maximum potential as a pitcher or a catcher and help your team as much as possible, pitchers and catchers from the same team MUST practice together. We love dedicated parents and siblings who catch for their daughters/sisters, but pitchers who never throw to their catchers during their workouts leave so much potential untapped, and the same goes for catchers.

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How Catcher Framing Can Make or Break a Game

Matt Wieters crossed up on a pitch by Pedro Strop

A particular play in the Yankees-Orioles game on September 6th reminded me how a single strike call can make or break a game, and how important a catcher’s influence can be in getting calls. Want to learn how to use this to your advantage?

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