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Name: Phil Schonberg
Date registered: March 21, 2012


Phil Schonberg is a co-founder of Fastpitch Power, inc. He teaches all aspects of fastptich softball, specializing in windmill pitching and coaches' training.

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Timing the Track

In this video, I answer a reader question and discuss the correct timing of the “track” during the pitching motion

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The Arm Circle

Today, I discuss the arm circle and its relationship to the power line and throw zone

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The Wonders of Wall Work

Today I demonstrate how wall work can fix many mechanical flaws

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Stay Back, Don’t Lean Back

In this video, I discuss a common mechanical flaw that negatively impacts the performance of pitchers and hitters alike

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Consistency Part 2

Today, I follow up on last week’s post about consistency when pitching.

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Consistency Part 1

In this video, I talk about consistency and commanding the strike zone. This is something that separates the good pitchers from the outstanding pitchers.

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Breaking Down Forearm Fire

In this video, I respond to a reader request and break down forearm fire even further.

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Drop Ball vs. Riseball: Which Is More Effective?

In this video, I discuss the difference between a drop ball and a rise ball, and give my opinion as to which pitch is more effective for strikeout pitchers.

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Backswings: Do They Help or Hurt Your Pitch?

In this video, I address the use of a backswing during the pre-motion, and give my opinion as to whether they are helpful or harmful to the pitch.

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Want more velocity? Hurry up and wait!

In this video, I discuss the importance of the passage of time in the growth and development of athletes.

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