Elbow Position for Correct Spin

In this video, I talk about the importance proper elbow position during forearm fire in order to achieve the correct spin

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Landing Position for a Firm Front Side

In this video, I answer a reader question and discuss the importance of the landing position in developing a firm front side

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The Importance of Drills

In this video, I talk about how each individual drill relates to the whole pitching motion.

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Early Setup For The Curveball

Today, I will be answering a readers question regarding curveballs

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Football Drill for Forearm Fire

In today’s video, I demonstrate¬†how to get the feeling of forearm fire using a football.

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The ground tells many tales

Watch today’s video to learn how you can infer your own mechanical mistakes based on the dirt in front of your feet!

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How to Stride Farther


This is a long overdue request from reader Raquel, who is having trouble finding a pitching coach for her 9-year-old daughter and is ready to push her to the next level.

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Further breakdown of forearm fire

In today’s video I answer a reader’s question about forearm fire. Check below for the video of Yukiko Ueno referenced!

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One mechanical error leads to another

More in the video!

Intermediary Target Drills

In today’s video I demonstrate some drills you can try to address the chin up problem I discussed previously.

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