Further breakdown of forearm fire

In today’s video I answer a reader’s question about forearm fire. Check below for the video of Yukiko Ueno referenced!

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One mechanical error leads to another

More in the video!

Intermediary Target Drills

In today’s video I demonstrate some drills you can try to address the chin up problem I discussed previously.

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What to do if you can’t find a pitching coach

@joeyfat13 on Twitter asked: “how can you keep your pitcher learning if you can’t find a pitching coach and how do you keep the mechanics?”

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Drive Through Timing

More about motion timing in the video!

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Chin Up

In today’s video, I talk about how some pitchers with poor core strength make a critical mistake when trying to stay back.

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Reader question: hand position at release in forearm fire

Question from reader Eddie about what the wrist does during a forearm fire release, and whether or not it’s too advanced for 10U pitchers.

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The Importance of the Front Side

More on the very important concept of front side resistance.

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Thoughts on the Rise Ball

Check out the video!

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Best drills for a bent arm circle

Reader Lisa has a question about her daughter’s very bent arm circle.

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