How Should Your Fastball Spin?


If this isn’t the number one question we receive via email and comments, it’s definitely at least in the top three. However, it’s not the question you should be asking. What you want to know is: how much should you CARE how your fastball is spinning?

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More Illegal Pitch Discussion

Check out the video!

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“Front Side” Strength Training for Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video covering strength training for softball pitchers, I show you what exercises to add if you are struggling with creating or maintaining a strong front side during your delivery.

The 3-Step Speed Plan

Have you been working hard at improving your mechanics, but growing frustrated by not gaining as much speed as you’d like to? This plan is for you.

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More About Illegal Pitching

Discussion in today’s video!

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College Softball Summer Training Program – Phase 2

This week, I’m delivering Phase 2 of our College Softball Summer Training program. This is a FREE downloadable program with exercise video demonstrations and instruction. This program is designed to prepare incoming college freshmen for their collegiate weight room experience. In Phase 2, I’ve increased the challenge, added new exercises and added alternative exercises to accommodate for athletes of different levels or who has limited access to equipment.

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Reader question: does illegal pitching really matter?

This question comes from Michelle:

I am watching the USA play in the World Cup today. When watching the Canadian and US pitchers, I noticed that their drag foot is not touching the ground. It is really noticeable in the slow-mo replays. Why is no one commenting on this? The pitcher even goes back and covers her track each time…which is funny to me. Do they stop worrying past HS, College, or does it really matter?

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How to Vary your Pitch Speed

Hey everyone, I’m back! Watch today’s video to learn about the importance of changing speeds when you pitch, and how to do it.

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Do You Arch Your Back When You Pitch: Exercise Corrections

In this week’s video, I follow up Carly’s post on what causes you to arch your back too much during the pitching delivery. In the video, I explain and demonstrate the physical inefficiencies that prevent you from achieving and maintaining optimal positions throughout the sequence.

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Do you arch your back when you pitch?

If you find yourself hitting your hip or the front of your body with your arm when you pitch, frequently pitch inside without meaning to, or are experiencing some back pain, listen up!

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