Reader question: position relative to the power line

Two readers had questions pertaining to my landing position in my last video. Watch for clarification!

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Fastpitch Power visits Arizona


The Fastpitch Power team took our show on the road this April visiting the Scottsdale, Arizona area to run a pitching clinic for a high school/ travel ball program in that area.

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Alignment at Landing

This weeks video comes from sunny Arizona!

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Reader question: is my practice paying off?

Question from reader T, who just can’t seem to kick the habit of anchor-dragging her back foot even though she practices every day!

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MLB Pitcher Carter Capps busted for crow hopping

Guess what’s not legal in Major League Baseball either!

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Which Change Up is Right for Me?

Palm or flip? I’m going to answer reader John’s question about how to determine the best change-up to teach an individual pitcher.

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Breaking Pitches into the Strikezone

You can be a great pitcher even if you don’t have overpowering speed if you can really command multiple pitches. How do you defend against batters moving up in the box?

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Consistency vs. Predictability

It’s important to be very consistent as a pitcher without being too predictable. Learn what drills I do with my pitchers to develop consistency in this week’s video!

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Reducing Hip Pain in Softball Pitchers

In this week’s video, I demonstrate a few ways for softball pitchers to actively manage hip pain during the season.

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Status update

If you leave a question in the comments and we don’t answer it either in a reply comment or a new post, please feel free to ask again! It may have gotten mistakenly deleted by our spam software.

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